-I'm Skin Cancer Free!-

Welcome one and all to the official JERRY TORRES WEBSITE! I'm comedian from a small town in Mt.Holly, New Jersey. I have been doing comedy since 93' and still performing always perfecting my craft. I've performed from state to state to colleges, comedy clubs,cruise ships where there is a stage I'm on. I published a book entitled "Uranus smells like Rotten Eggs." it's a kid book you can download it on LULU.com or AMAZON KINDLE, host of the "The Jerry Torres Program" podcast every Thursday at 7 pm on www.wildfireradio.com make sure you tune in. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook...just google me. I don't know where I'll be next but I'll be on LIVE! If you like to contact me for Clubs or Fundraisers shows please contact me. 

                    SHOW DATES...
September 7 Milton Theater, Delaware
September 21st Comedy Explosion​​​​​​​

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Thursday's 7pm

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